Sunday, January 24, 2010

Teacher March Tuesday

I got this email from a friend. I decided to change the guys name who wrote the email, although it does not seem as if he minds people knowing his name. For more info I would email him. Personally I plan to march!

Fellow Teachers,

My name is John Smith. I recently spoke at the PFT meeting last Thursday. I expressed my opinion, and I believe the opinion of many others, that these new Renaissance schools will not be in the best interest of our students. I do not feel that our Union represented those of us who felt this way. The media seems to have only heard reports praising our new contract. I truly believe these Renaissance schools will drive away many of the teachers our students need the most. I also believe they will create schools that have a revolving teaching staff of very young teachers who will not last. How can this be in the best interest of our students?

I would like to make our voice heard! I would like to make a public response to let parents know what the implications of these new Renaissance schools will likely be. Please join me in marching this Tuesday outside of 440 N. Broad to let out opinion be heard. For those of you who wish to march join me at Broad and Spring Garden at 3:30, marching will being around 4:00 and go until 5:30. Come bringing signs and posters expressing frustration with the school district’s new plan! For questions or a confirmation email just email me at, I will hit reply as a confirmation.

Ps- Please pass this along to as many other teachers as you know within the district as well as parents who may be concerned as to the impact these Renaissance schools may have on their own children.


  1. How many people attended? I didn't know about it.

  2. We had about a dozen. we got covered in the papers. Folks want to do another march in the near future. Keep yourself updated on here. I would like to organize more folks. If you want to talk email me


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