Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need to Know Information For Upset Educators, A Meeting to Take Action!

Hey everyone,

I want to inform you all of a great opportunity to have your voices heard. There is an organization "Teacher Action Group" that is strategizing a response to the Renaissance
School Plan. The meeting will be Monday February 8th at 6 P.M, location 4205 Chestnut St. I will be there to help organize a response. Click the link to check out the attached information flier, it is excellent.

ps- No, my school will not be part of the Renaissance model next year, but I still believe some of these changes will do more harm than good. If we don't stand up and say something now we may never get that chance. There are too many teachers who have worked too hard serving kids in Philadelphia to have no say in these sweeping reforms. We are the ones on the ground in these schools our ideas should matter! The district often wants us to look like the enemy and our Union has it's tail between it's legs. Every teacher knows that unless some other issues are dealt with in schools these new policies are not going to have the intended effect.

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