Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Successful March!!!

While our numbers were small our hearts were in the right place! It felt good as a teacher to have a chance to voice our frustration over the lack of teacher input in the Renaissance Schools and to show our opposition. The newspaper reporters who were there seemed very interested in hearing what teachers had to say. I have to say that is what I enjoyed most, real educators who care about kids being able to voice their concerns. There was definitely talk of doing another march on a larger scale. In our next march we could give it a little more time to organize, plan better, and get out more teachers, parents, and students. Talking with teachers I really believe we could get large numbers to take a stand! Thanks to the two or three teachers who organized today's march!

Please give some feedback on your thoughts for a future march. If you are interested send your email or contact info to phillyteachertalks@gmail.com, I would love to chat.


  1. I am sorry that the teachers from Southern could not attend the march... We would have been there but we were forced to attend professional development on diversity training till 5 pm... where was our union??? We need to stand together, if there is another... we will be there!

  2. Kim, can you send me an email at phillyteachertalks@gmail.com this way I can be in touch.


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