Saturday, January 23, 2010

Intro. Why a blog?

This blog has being created for a few different reasons that I will name in the following paragraph. First, let me introduce myself. I have now been an educator with the school district of Philadelphia for over five years working at a K-8 school and a high school. In addition to now having some decent experience in urban schools, I have also taken courses in Urban Education and Education Reform. I live and teach in Philadelphia and am deeply concerned about the well-being of our city as a whole. I love the students I teach and am passionately committed to improving education in our city.
I hope this blog can serve a couple of purposes. One, I would love to see it become a forum where Philadelphia educators and the like can discuss and critique policies that impact education. It would also be nice for teachers to have a place where they can go to speak the truth about what really goes on in their schools. I don't want this to be a place for teachers to complain because it seems that that reputation already proceeds us. This is a place to talk about the real injustices that are constantly occurring in our urban schools (example- teachers being pressured to pass students). Lastly, I want this to be a place where educators can organize. Sometimes injustice calls for action! I want us, as educators, to have a real voice in the ever-changing policies that are constantly effecting us (if anyone hasn't noticed, our union has dropped the ball in many ways). So please stay updated, I will try to post ways for teachers to make some real changes.

Peace, Philly Teacher

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